Pastries in Italy, eyecandy for those “just looking”

Perugia3Part of the obvious charm of traveling in Italy is the way store owners artfully display their wares!  And pastries, candy and gelato can be found in every small town and big city…just there to tempt you to try.

Here are a few delights from a lazy afternoon stroll in the town of Perugia in Umbria.

Perugia4Perugia is famous for its chocolate!


Snakes are part of the many animal symbols in Perugia’s history.

Perugia1Griffins are everywhere as they are the official city symbol.

PerugiaGriffinsVisit Ticket to Italy’s website for information about your next trip to Perugia!



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Sharon Oldham--Italy travel specialist. I've been traveling to Italy for over 30 years and have successfully been customizing Italian vacations for over10 years with Ticket to Travel. It is my passion. Although it's not my quote..."Open my heart and you will see, Italy"!
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One Response to Pastries in Italy, eyecandy for those “just looking”

  1. aratalinda says:

    Gorgeous pastries and you know they taste even better than they look!

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