Ciao Bella Photos

IMG_5874 IMG_6030 IMG_5936 IMG_5870 IMG_6109 IMG_6133 IMG_6143 IMG_6161 IMG_6225 IMG_6223 IMG_6232 IMG_6280 IMG_6326 IMG_5866 IMG_6343

Lake Como

Cinque Terre


( Video – Lake Como, Cinque Terre & Milan

Ciao Bella Getaway Club Cruises (Celebrity) the Mediterranean

Barb, Jean, Meg and Kathy on a Donkey ride in Santorini.2519 Anita, Sharon B, Sharon O, and Linda in Santorini Greece.2532 IMG_2231 IMG_2240 IMG_2283 IMG_2285 IMG_2781 Sharon on a camel at Ephesus Turkey.2460 Linda, Anita, Debi, and Sharon enjoy ship Martini Tasting. 2377 IMG_2503

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